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To understand both customers and company is the key to successful brand design.


In early 2021, Wowment was a newly founded company which focused on pairing good wines with nature experiences. Like most new companies, eager to save euros where they can, Wowments had chosen their first logo design process based mainly on cost. Owner of Wowments, Martta Myller, noticed quite quickly though that through the low-priced logo process, she was not able to achieve the high standard of results that she aimed for. Brand look is the first thing a potential customer sees, and Martta understood the value of that first impression. She wanted the graphic look to better reflect the identity and values of her company.


We started the process with a short questionnaire, which aimed to gain an understanding of the company's identity, values and mission. After that, we held a workshop where we reviewed the answers and dug deeper into the values of the company. Additionally, we went through some visual materials I had collected. We looked at different logos, shapes and colors, and discussed what kind of identity Wowments wanted to build. Based on the workshop, I created three different logos. For most logo projects, I usually sketch between one and three logos, all of which can be fully developed. After receiving the logo options, the most challenging part of the project began for Martta - she needed to choose one of them. I regularly coach entrepreneurs through this process. While easy, it is not very useful to ask others if they like a certain logo or not; there are as many opinions as there are consumers. Instead, you should ask what kind of emotions different logos evoke and what kind of ideas those logos inspire. This way you can compare the answers to the brand identity, and pick the logo that reflects it the most. After choosing her favourite logo, Martta suggested a few changes, which we tested. In the end, we ended up choosing a version very close to the original sketch. The final logo version was edited to suit different platforms and social media, and all material, together with graphic instructions, was delivered through Dropbox.


As an outcome of the project, Wowments got a look that reflected their identity and values. In addition to the logo, I created a business card and made website plans. To ensure that logos and looks will endure, I always included graphic instructions detailing best use practices for any logos I create. For Wowments, we also added a photo brief to the instruction manual. Martta had set up a photo shoot with Jani Kärppä, an ultra-talented photographer. I worked together with Jani on the shoot to ensure that the brand identity was captured the right way. As an outcome, Martta got a nature-oriented, personal and warm-hearted brand.


“Kirsti knew how to dig deeper to understand what Wowments really is. The outcome was a perfect, warm brand that really reflects its identity.”

Martta Myller

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