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Customer knowledge and brand understanding are the base of successful marketing campaigns.


Navettagalleria is an eco-oriented cafe located right next to one of our busiest national parks. A large portion of Navettagalleria’s income comes through international guests, especially central-Europeans who are used to spending time and money in cafes. In March 2020, when covid arrived in Europe, it had a pronounced effect on Navettagalleria’s business. All international guests vanished almost overnight. Lea Kaulanen, owner of Navettagalleria, was facing a new challenge; how to reach out to the domestic travelers and encourage them to use her services. Lea wanted to create a marketing strategy and campaign to entice domestic travelers.


It was clear that there was a lack of understanding of domestic travelers and how they related to Navettagalleria. In order to create marketing that appeals to an audience, we must first understand the core needs and wants of the target groups. In addition to customer insights, it’s also relevant to recognize how the company wants to be seen. What are the values of the company? What is its identity? We started the project with customer research in order to gain more relevant information, and created customer personas based on our findings. After that, we built a short brand manual where we established brand values, identity, and tone of voice. Customer personas, together with the brand manual, were then used as a base line when developing a marketing strategy and planning campaigns.


Through the project we created customer personas, a brand manual, and a photo brief that together serve as the base of all brand communication. We created a marketing plan, which is possible to edit year after year. To better connect the marketing plan with digital customer journey, we created a website development plan that better matched the brand vision and customer needs. Additionally, this plan better promoted Navettagalleria’s future marketing campaigns. The website plan was handed out to an external website developer, who created the website based on this. The marketing campaigns proved to be successful and created the cash flow we intended.


“I learned a lot about the importance of customer knowledge through the project. Campaigns clearly generated new customers and old customers found new aspects of our operations.”

Lea Kaulanen

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