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With a deep understanding of company identity, we can create a personal look.


Founder of H-Lapland, Heli Laukkanen, had just started her consulting company in 2021, and she needed a personal and powerful logo to strengthen her mission.


We started the design project with a digital questionnaire. With it, we aimed to map out the company’s desired identity, values, and mission. While existing companies often have these points well established, new businesses tend to undervalue or even completely overlook these. The ultimate goal of this questionnaire is to encourage entrepreneurs to think deeper about what kind of company they are establishing. Only when we know what we want to be, can we achieve our targets. After the questionnaire, we held a workshop where we went through the answers and worked on the slogan. We also went through some visual materials I had collected. We reviewed different logos, shapes and colors, and discussed what kind of brand identity we wanted to build. Based on the workshop, I created two different logos. For most logo projects, I usually sketch between one and three logos, all of which can be fully developed. In the end, choosing the final logo was easy for Heli - the first one felt right from the first glance. After Heli’s decision, I edited the final logo version to suit different platforms and social media. All material, together with graphic instructions, was delivered through Dropbox.


As an outcome of the project, H-Lapland got a company look that reflects both the entrepreneur and the company. In addition to the logos, I tailored a business card and a PowerPoint template, which is easy to use and edit for different presentations, offers and documentations.


“Kirsti was able to understand what kind of look I wanted even better than I thought possible. The outcome was just perfect.”

Heli Laukkanen

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