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Strong visual design gave the new magazine a fresh look with modern logo and graphics.


Savu is Muonio’s own local paper, whose heart lies in the travel sector and life in the great outdoors. Savu was just established and needed a new fresh look to stand out.


Understanding the aim of the magazine, to accommodate both locals and travelers and to give information of both local news and outdoor possibilities, was the base of the design process. Together with the owner and editor-in-chief Satu Renko we brainstormed the name and ended with Savu. Savu does not only refer to the smoke from a fire, but also, it’s an old name for a Lappish household. Earlier the population of a village was counted with Savus, not by person. Then I designed the front page of Savu Magazine. Satu wanted something fresh that stands out from the crowd and from several options she chose the one you see today. Together with the front page, I designed several other pages to make the magazine have a strong visual look throughout the pages.


Strong visual design gave the new magazine a fresh look with modern logo and graphics.


Working with Kirsti has been great! She really understands what I'm looking for and can deliver a fresh and professional designs.


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